The Sanskrit word ‘Garbh’ means foetus in the womb and ‘Sanskar’ means education. So, Garbh sanskar essentially means educating the mind of the foetus. Garbh Sanskar, a scientifically proven fact, is an amazing way of teaching/ educating and bonding with the unborn child in the womb during pregnancy. Traditionally, it is believed that a child's mind along with personality is greatly influenced by the thoughts of mother during pregnancy.

Garbh sanskar involves traditional diet herbs as per indication, Yoga, Music some of Behavioural and thinking practices and ayurvedic medication as and when required. The course of action is a precursors to bringing harmony in the child that is to be born.


Why Garbh Sanskar?

In the present world, the women are becoming independent and managing their career & the household equally and without much help in hand. With the changing times, couples are choosing to become nuclear families rather than living in joint ones.
Such societal changes expose women to increased physical stress and leaves them with limited knowledge about the traditional pregnancy care. The lack of time, increased mental & physical strain can affect a woman's health and also of the unborn child.

To control all this , Divine Garbhsanskar is the best way to prepare a pregnant lady , a mother-to-be, and her baby , the best possible start by providing the right conditions for the baby. As the developing baby is entirely dependent on the mother for nourishment and protection, a woman’s lifestyle can affect the health of her future baby. It is wise for the woman to alter her lifestyle, to eliminate the bad habits and to have a good, healthy and well managed lifestyle.

Qualities seen in the child born after Garbh sanskar:
  • Developments like head holding, head moving sentence making etc are made early as compared to other children
  • Personality developments like a creative mind, less stubborn, calm, confident, courageous, loving and happy
  • Healthy mix of all the five intelligences like physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual
  • Protects the child from negative energies
  • Improves immunity system
  • Healthy child at the time of birth
The process not only benefits the unborn child but also has huge benefits for the mother too:
  • Positive state of mind throughout pregnancy
  • Enhances chances of normal delivery
  • Good health of mother during and after delivery
  • Pregnancy occurs very smoothly without any complication
  • Pregnancy becomes an enjoyable experience